Black Sheep RC Club

March Newsletter


Meeting minutes from March 3, 2015.

Meeting called to order at 6:30 PM by J.B. Dansby.

Minutes accepted as read.

Treasurer’s report accepted as read.

Spring fly-in was discussed. Food served at the fly-in will be hamburgers, chips, canned soda, and brownies. Landing fee will be $15. Nelson listed the event on RC Universe.

Some members will be at the Rock Springs Baptist Church Critter Cook. There will be static displays and quad-copter flight demo.

Daniel Jones and John Bernard reviewed changes made to the website and transfer of domain back to our control. John suggested he handle any disputes having to do with the domain name.

The club welcomed a new member, Ira Jordan.

One of the 6 month memberships was given to Terri Deese.

A club workday will be held Saturday, March 21, starting at 9:00 AM. Please come out and help maintain our club facilities. Bring tools and yard equipment if you can.

Other announcements

Morgan Pritchard’s wife Gerri is organizing a get-together for club members’ spouses, to take place during the club meetings. The ladies will be meeting at a local restaurant to eat. Call Morgan or Gerri at 864-220-5923 or 864-283-2546.

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