Black Sheep RC Club

October Newsletter


Meeting minutes from October 6, 2015.

Meeting called to order at 6:30 PM by J.B. Dansby.

Minutes accepted as read.

Treasurer’s report accepted as read.

Field report had two issues. A mower belt was replaced. Fire ant hills continue to come back.

Safety report had no issues.

The September fly-in was canceled due to weather.

The website has been updated with the new bylaws and membership application.

Discussion was made regarding the Durham’s complaints. At the next meeting we will discuss possible actions to improve relations with neighbors.

The following nominations were made for 2016 club officers. Elections will be held at the November meeting.

Additional nominations can be made at the November meeting.


Morgan has volunteered to bring chili to the November meeting.

For the December Christmas party, we’re asking everyone who’s coming to let us know which restaurant they prefer. Email Daniel if you are coming.

Here are some restaurant options:

There will also be a gift swap at the Christmas party. Bring a gift worth $10-15 if you would like to participate.

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