Black Sheep RC Club

February Newsletter


Meeting minutes from February 2, 2016.

Meeting was called to order at 6:25 PM.

A work day in preparation for the fly-in will be held March 12, with a backup day of March 19 in case of bad weather.

Dick Russell and Tony Denton will work on a write-up for the fly-in, and Daniel Jones will help create the flier for the event.

The proposed dues changes were voted on and approved. The vote was unanimous in favor of the changes. The changes are retroactive to January 1, 2016. There are now only 3 membership classifications. Adult membership (18 yrs. or older) at $75 per year, youth membership (17 yrs. or younger) at $25 per year, and disabled membership at $45 per year.

Thank you J.B. for all of your hard work on the bylaws. The proposed bylaws will be distributed to members and voted on at the March meeting.

Minutes from previous meeting were accepted as read.

Supplemental insurance has been paid. Treasurer’s report was accepted as read.

Field report: Road repairs will be done as required at the March workday. Road and field are now in good condition.

The AMA sanction for the May 28 electric fly-in has been approved.

We welcomed a new member, David Snyder, to the club.


Thank you Morgan for bringing supper.

Dick Russell will bring pizza to the next meeting.

Thank you Dennis Beard for bringing your B-25 and giving a presentation on the construction.

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