Black Sheep RC Club

From The Workshop (Jan. 2021)


Summary of Mar - Dec, 2020 Club Meetings

March » cancelled (Covid 19)
April » cancelled (Covid19)
May » cancelled (Covid19)
June » held (social distancing observed)
July » cancelled (Covid19)
Aug » cancelled (Covid19)
Sep » cancelled (Covid 19)
Oct » held (2021 officer slate nominated)
Nov » held (2021 officer slate elected)
Dec » cancelled (Covid 19)

Next Club Meeting (Tue, 05Jan2021)

Our next club meeting will be held the first Tue. of Jan. 2021 (05Jan2021), 6PM, at the field clubhouse so be sure to put this on your calendar! The agenda is as follows:

1800 - 1830 = dinner
1830 - 1900 = business meeting
1900 - whenever = “hangar flying”
Menu = chili, cornbread, drinks, dessert
Please come out and join us if you can for “food, fun, & fellowship”!

2021 BSRCC Officer Election Results

The following officers were elected in Nov. 2020 for the 2021 calendar year:

All officers thank you for your vote of confidence, and look forward to serving you over the next year!

Bush Cutting

As you know, the open field surrounding the mowed runway has not been hayed for the last couple of years. This allowed many bushes to spring up and some had grown to heights of 4 - 8 ft. These bushes were recently chopped down with machetes to prevent them from getting to larger heights and potentially interfering with the model flying. The plan is to chop them down once annually in the future to prevent them from regrowing.

Possible Open Field Bush Hogging

To further improve the looks of the open field surrounding the mowed runway, and to preserve the land as “cultivatable” for future use, attempts are being made to get this area bush hogged. We will keep you posted as to how this turns out.

Lawn Mowers

The winter months are used to generally perform lawn mower repairs & maintenance in order to get them ready for the forthcoming year. The overall status of the mowers is as follows: Two Huskies = fully functional Two Recently Donated Mowers = being worked on (one being overhauled; the other needs new carb) Two Old Mowers = Troy Bilt & John Deere are both nonfunctional & probably beyond repair. Collectively, this puts us in good shape for next years’ mowing needs.

Important Reminders

  1. If you are a new BSRCC member, please familiarize yourself with the following documents found on our website at

    • “Club Bylaws”
    • “Noise, Overflight, and Flying site map”
    • “No Flying Over Pits and Parking Lot”
  2. Please check the status of your FAA registration and renew it if needed.

  3. Please check the status of your AMA membership and renew it if needed.

  4. Please check the status of your BSRCC membership and renew it if needed (i.e., 2021 membership dues may be mailed to Nelson Swords, 228 Ellison Lake Road, Williamston, SC 29697, Tel=864-940-5817, Email=

  5. Broken Prop Blades, Trash, Etc - in the interest of both safety and neatness, please help pick up broken prop blades and other debris when you see it at the field.

  6. Tree Climber - this person is generally available to climb trees for you to retrieve downed airplanes (i.e., Mr. Murray Holloway, tel= 864-671-9781). His fee is “negotiable”.

Miscellaneous Videos

If you happen to like agricultural airplanes (as I do), below are a couple of links to the Air Tractor series of planes. The first link gets you to a youtube video entitled “Air Tractor - Extreme Aerial Application - How Low Can You Go?”. The second link gets you to a video entitled “Air Tractor - Fire Boss In Action” which shows the the Air Tractor 802 configured as a fire fighter (and beautiful background scenery). Enjoy!

That’s all I have for now. See you @ the flying field!