Black Sheep RC Club

From The Workshop (Feb. 2021)


Next Club Meeting (Tue, 02Feb2021)

We held the January club meeting with great success. Additionally, I am going to assume that we are now pretty much back into a regular schedule of holding future club meetings. Participants may exercise their own discretion concerning use of masks and/or the practice of social distancing. Our next club meeting will be held on Tue, 02Feb2021 (today), 6PM, at the field clubhouse. My apologies for not getting this note/reminder out sooner, but it has been a busy month @ the Dansby household (i.e., too many honeydo’s)! The agenda is as follows:

1800 - 1830 = dinner
1830 - 1900 = business meeting
1900 - whenever = “hangar flying”
Menu = burgers, baked beans, potato salad, dessert.

Please come out and join us if you can for “food, fun, & fellowship”!

Good Winter Flying

We always see a little reduction in flying activity during the winter months. However, we will let everyone know that there is still a group of “die-hards” that tend to fly every Tue/Thur if the weather permits. Actually, we have started watching the weather and if Tue/Thur are bad with other days being good, then we just fly on the good days! Here in beautiful, sunny South Carolina we tend to fly all year long! There is always a note put out about the weekly “flying sessions” and if you would like to be on the notification list just let Nelson Swords know and he will add you to the list.

Important Reminders

  1. If you are a new BSRCC member, please familiarize yourself with the following documents found on our website at

    • “Club Bylaws”
    • “Noise, Overflight, and Flying site map”
    • “No Flying Over Pits and Parking Lot”
  2. Please check the status of your FAA registration and renew it if needed.

  3. Please check the status of your AMA membership and renew it if needed.

  4. Please check the status of your BSRCC membership and renew it if needed (i.e., 2021 membership dues may be mailed to Nelson Swords, 228 Ellison Lake Road, Williamston, SC 29697, Tel=864-940-5817, Email=

  5. Broken Prop Blades, Trash, Etc - in the interest of both safety and neatness, please help pick up broken prop blades and other debris when you see it at the field.

  6. Tree Climber - this person is generally available to climb trees for you to retrieve downed airplanes (i.e., Mr. Murray Holloway, tel= 864-671-9781). His fee is “negotiable”.

That’s all I have for now. See you @ the flying field!