Black Sheep RC Club

April Newsletter


Meeting minutes from April 2, 2024.

Minutes accepted as read.

Treasurer’s report accepted as read.

Dennis has been researching options for replacing the starting stands.

Discussed options for runway asphalt repair. Sealer is not worth the cost as it doesn’t help with cracks. Mostly cosmetic. Dennis had tried asphalt crack filler that comes in a caulk gun tube. Doesn’t seem to hold up for very long. Need to get a quote from a company like King Asphalt.

Curtis donated an RV water pump to solve the water pressure issue for the toilets. Dennis will install.

It was decided to move the monthly club meetings to the first Saturday of the month. On the meeting day we will meet for lunch at noon and then have the club meeting at 1 PM. The next club meeting will be May 4 at 1 PM.

The club workday was previously cancelled due to rain. The workday has been re-scheduled for Saturday, April 6. Meet us at the field at 10 AM. We should wrap up by noon and then serve hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch.

We are looking for volunteers to fill the role of club Treasurer. Please contact Dennis Beard if interested. Phone: 864-238-7256. Email:

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