Black Sheep RC Club

No Flying Over Pits and Parking Lot

Dear New BSRCC Member,

It is important to clearly point out that BSRCC does not allow any flying over the pits and parking lot (i.e., where unprotected cars, members, visitors, spectators, etc are located). This is already covered in the bylaws, but is important enough item to warrant mentioning separately for the following reasons outlined below.

First, we are an AMA chartered club. And, in order for the club insurance to apply, AMA requires that acceptable site safety rules be set up to govern all flying (i.e., safety in terms of both where one flies as well as how one flies). BSRCC has such safety rules (patterned after the AMA rules) and they are detailed in the club bylaws, which are available on the club web site (

Second, even apart from AMA requirements, the club officers themselves are keenly aware of the need for site safety. It takes but a little thought to realize the great damage to club finances and morale that could result from an accident involving an aircraft crashing into a car or, worse yet, into a fellow member or visitor to the field. It doesn’t happen often, but a search of the last few decades of modeling literature will show that deaths due to models flying into people have indeed occurred. A six pound model flying at fifty miles per hour or so could easily kill a person if it hits them in the right way… and I am certain that each of us would absolutely shudder at the thought of that ever happening!

Third, is the recognition that we all participate in this hobby to enjoy both the fun of flying our models, and the fellowship and camaraderie we have with our friends. Even modest observation will show that the most successful clubs, in terms of longevity and membership numbers, are those that have: (a) a well defined and enforced set of safety rules; and (b) a clearly understood code of mutual courtesy which is expected of all its members. BSRCC has long promoted safety and courtesy among its members, and is currently a club which simultaneously provides a well organized and safe site for members to fly their models and also a relaxed and informal site where members can enjoy fun and fellowship with their friends.

Therefore, we kindly ask that you please help us in maintaining safety at our flying site, and in promoting a positive flying site environment, by practicing the following simple rules:

With kindest regards,

JB Dansby, President
For and on Behalf of the Officers
Black Sheep RC Club
802 Lockaby Road
Pendleton, SC 29673